common misconceptions

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

If you have a very good product, the product usually sells itself. BUUUUT, I’ll mention an exception.

When the Google search engine first debuted, there were many search engines on market including Yandex. I remember AltaVista very vividly; I preferred AltaVista over Yahoo! (I see no harm sharing this information with you even though it reveals my age). There were other search engines at the time as well.[i]

I don’t think the world thought it needed Google. The world didn’t need Amazon, AliExpress or Über either.

But some people came along and changed the whole market. THEIR PRODUCTS WERE VERY GOOD and COMPETITION WAS SCARCE. They quickly surpassed their rivals and climbed to the top. A very good product while selling itself, spreads rapidly by word of mouth.

It is quite difficult for your product to really be as good as the above; we’re talking about exceptional situations. Moreover, you also need to hit the bullseye when it comes to timing – competition and pricing. Would Google be this successful if they had charged a fee per a search or for a monthly subscription? We all know the answer to this question.

Let me tell you what usually happens: Your product is average, it has both pros and cons compared to your competitors’ but has no crushing superiority over them. You start to compete in these circumstances.

People often say things such as “There wasn’t anything like it”, or “We think people needed this” or “We provide solution to people’s problems” etc. when talking about their products.

Oh, those business ideas built on ‘impressions’ and ‘estimations’… By the way, if we bought products because we believed they were solving our problems, we wouldn’t have more a hundred pieces of items. Maybe fewer.

Though, I don’t think this approach is wrong, however while there’s no ‘the true’ way of finding a product idea, there is one for creating and prolonging one.

An excellent product may grant you success. A mediocre product, which is marketed very well can also bring you success.

Did you hear about “dropbottle”

If you haven’t heard, let me summarize: The brand, with the “Drink your vitamins” slogan on their website, conveys the innovative and unique ways to detox your body with flashy and eye-catching images.

It was one of the favorites of Oprah Winfrey’s in 2016 and it’s a mere water bottle.

With just any bottle you could make yourself fruit / vegetable juice. But dropbottle aims to make you do it gracefully compared to competitors.

dropbottle, which aims to make you ostentatiously display the mixture you can create with the chopped vegetables, fruit and water just about in any bottle in a more distinguished way compared to their rivals, shows us one of the best examples of good marketing. I don’t know how the company’s future would turn out, as they are currently in trouble with unhappy customers, but their product is still in selling like hot cakes.

[i]January 1994 – Infoseek; January 1994 – Altavista; September 1997 – Yandex; September 1998 – Google