before I get started … 

I have written this book for the people who already have an e-commerce site, i.e., an online store. Of course, there may be a few interesting subjects for the newcomers as well, but when I chose which topics to write about, I opted for the ones which would be attractive to companies that are interested in e-commerce and the growth stage.

I have been writing about marketing for many years, and I had the idea of collecting my writings in a book “some way”. However, I didn’t know where to start. When the recent e-commerce courses I taught and the mentorships I’ve provided combined, I realized that the book was beginning to shape itself.

Turkey experiences a shortage of good brands. We have strong brands “in our own right”, but we don’t have the power to globalize and widespread them to the world. Everyone lists their reasons for this, but for me, the main reasons are our shortcomings in methodology and process management.

People often don’t think about how a product is made and served to them. More often than not, they don’t need to think either. But if you are the one who provides that product or service, you have to have control over every point in the process.

While we continuously take potshots on western people, thinking they’re not able to think practically, we take refuge in our “unique” talents to make us barely save the day; we are all unfamiliar to concepts such as project management, process management, and planning. However, foreigners have comprehensive knowledge of these concepts. It is also obvious that this produces better results for them. If you’re asking for a shred of evidence, look for the names of Turkish companies in the lists of successful global companies.

E-commerce is still in its infancy in Turkey. There is no doubt we will do much better in the future. We just need to think hard over how to do this. If I make a small contribution in this matter, I will consider myself successful.